Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This hasn't been easy

Been having difficulties with P3. I honestly just think I went over board. I did so well on VLCD that I thought this will be a breeze. WRONG!! I have had a slow steady gain then poof I was up by 3lbs. Ok so I had to get this figured out. Why was this happening?

My husband suggested it was the weight training combined with the tanning. The weight training, to build my strength back up, would cause water to retain around the muscles causing a gain. The heavy tanning an slight burn here an there would cause water weight as well. So he told me to stop the weight training all together even though I whined about it. He told me to stick strictly to cardio. I complained about not wanting to get flabby an all but he said I was ok to do my crunches that was it. He told me I would just have to deal with it for the time being an he would help me tone an shape once I am done completely. So I dropped the weights.

Steak day? well normally but I still don't like the idea of all that meat sitting in my colon. So I figured I would modify it my way. I don't recommend this to ANYONE!!! Follow the plan as given, I'm just a weirdo an have to do things my way LOL Yesterday I had a fairly large hamburger pattie with cheese an a small side salad. I had a handful of mixed cheese chunks last night before bed. I was down by 1.2lbs today. Today I will do a steak day but instead of eating it at night having it sit there I will eat it around 12-1 so that I have time to burn it. We'll see how that works.

I've learned that nuts are not a good idea right off the bat on P3. Ham to me is not a great thing, I seem to gain. Yes it was real ham not processed an no sugar. So it will be a once an while thing. Once I drop it back down I will stick to leaner meats an fish. Get back to some more salads that help cleanse out. We'll see how it goes from there.

Till then I'll let ya'll know how it goes. Happy losing everyone

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Lets see its been a busy couple of days. I started with no drops on the 31 I stuck to the VLCD diet an the next day was down by .07 of a pound. I also worked out fully. Even using the treadmill. I can't believe how weak I became while on the diet. My legs were yelling at me on the treadmill an I couldn't use near the weights I had prior. It's all good though cause my 16yr old daughter started the gym with me for the very first time. Getting her started on a healthier lifestyle so she will never have to do this. She's thin anyways just flabby from not working out. But that will all change. I still stuck to VLCD on day 2 no drops

I was down 1.4lbs to make a total of 32lbs gone. *SNOOPY DANCE* yesterday was day 3 of no drops. I decided to give some new foods a try. Per Red Book...if on the 3rd day you wake up an are truly starving the HCG should be out of your system an you can start P3. On the way back from the Vets I stopped at Whataburger *best hamburgers in the south* Got a breakfast on a bun. They use real eggs not that boxed stuff. I threw away the bun an had just the egg an sausage since the cheese melted to the bun. LOL I do believe I sucked on each piece of sausage. I layed out an used tanning oils. For dinner I had a talapia fillet. Didn't weigh it cause most of the frozen packet fillets are between 85-115grams. After 30 days of this I had those weights down pat. I also had 2 scoops using a tablespoon of blackeyed peas. OMG THEY WERE SO GOOD!!! I ate each pea individually. I do believe they tasted better than they had in my life. LOL Really does give you a new appreciation for food. I also had one small bite of a pork chop that had been coated in italian bread crumbs an fried in olive oil. I know it was a no no but I really just wanted a taste.

This morning I woke up an was up .04lbs. Not bad I'm feeling good about it all. Today is gym day again so the treadmill should take care of that. Have to do grocery shopping today. I will get more fresh meats an frozen veggies. We eat a lot of fish here so I'll still be having that quite often. Gotta have my omega 3 an oils. Good for the heart, hair an skin. Not to mention to lower cholesterol. Which mine is perfect was even before the diet. I credit that to the fish, garlic an other fresh herbs we use quite often. We had changed our diet well over a year ago in a attempt to eat healthier. An it really showed in all my blood tests cause I was the healthiest fat person around. LOL My husband says I should probably still see some weight loss here an there because my metabolism is now working. I know we are so suppose to maintain our loss but I have more rounds to go. An if I am losing it in the right way from exercise an eating right then I see no harm in it. An hubby agrees. *side note* Why do I mention what he says, if you are new an haven't seen what I wrote about him. He is massively into fitness. In fact when he is out of town working *travels the country staying on jobs 6-9mths at a time* that's all he does is exercise. LOL He is constantly reading an talking to people he meets at the gyms he goes to in different towns. He's talked to pro builders an pro trainers. The man is in awesome shape for 42yrs old. He knows what he is talking about.

Well that brings you up to date. I will try to be more regular with my updates on P3 so it won't be so long. So far it's overcast unless it burns off I won't be tanning today. Dang it, starting to get good color. Maybe start tanning bed then. I needs my tan!!! Let ya know how things go.

As always if you need any help or have a question feel free to ask here or message me on facebook. I'm always willing to help if I can.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oopsie Rolls

A few have asked what they are. They are mock bread for those of us on P3. They are not bad at least gives you something you can chew LOL I've heard of people making them into muffins with fruit an one who tried it as pizza crust. Never heard how that one came out.

Here's the recipe:

Oopsie rolls:

6 large eggs
2 tsp stevia
dash of salt
pinch of cream of tarter
8 oz cream cheese (not softened)

preheat over to 300

separate eggs and add stevia, salt and cream cheese to yolks mix
in separate bowl mix egg whites and cream of tarter till stiff (mix whites 1st if using the same mixer for both)
using a spatula gradually fold egg yolk mix into the white mix. Be careful not to break down whites.
Spray cookie sheet pan with none stick cook spray. make 12 rounds of mix on pan and flatten slightly
bake 30 min

I personally added 2 packs of truvia to it. Gave it a much better taste to me but if you like stevia have at it.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have reached my goal for round 1 30lbs lost!!!! I lost 30lbs in 28 days. *dances about in utter joy* Can't tell ya'll how happy I am with myself right now. I have noticed the last two days I have felt pretty bad. No real symptoms of sickness just didn't feel good. Plus my hunger has greatly increased. I have not felt this hungry since I first started. I can't help but think I am/was developing immunity. So it was perfect timing for me to stop.

Though now comes the hard part. VLCD is easy cause you have a certain list to follow that is simple. With P3 if you use the red book you still have a list to follow but everyone an every body is different. So I will have to increase my calories while maintaining my weight. Finding out what foods are a problem to me an which are not. How much my body will allow in without gaining. The book an the protocol both say 1500-2000 calories a day but just like I seen one woman who figured out she can only have 1300 calories a day without gaining. A lot depends on how much movement you do in a day as well. If your pretty sedimentary it stands to reason you won't need as many calories. If your very active or work out then you will have to have more calories to burn. So it will all be a trial an error. Least this way I know after my next round what I can an can not do.

I go to see my husband on April 9th. He has not seen me since losing this 30lbs so I am hoping he will be overly thrilled an not be able to keep his hands off me. hehehe I told him I want him to be proud of me an he said he was always proud of me. awwwww moment.

I'll let ya know how P3 goes. Got a few days of starving ahead of me as the HCG leaves my system then I can slowly increase my food intake AN HAVE MY PORK CHOP!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday beautiful Sunday

Well lets see here, yesterday kinda sucked a bit cause I only lost 2ozs. LOL How sad is that? But then today I was down by 1.8 so there ya go back to the pound a day. An that puts me 2lbs away from my 30lb goal.

I also tried albacore tuna in water. It tasted so good an had that yesterday an you see the lose. I just crumbled some into my lettuce added my WD dressing an nom nom nom goodness. I know tuna is very good for you with all the vitamins it has in it. Heck fish in general is good for you. The oils in fish are great for the heart, hair an skin. So make sure to get enough fish in your diet.

I find it kind of ironic that we should eat a lot fish an chicken on this diet cause my husband had told me a way to quicken weight loss is to eat fish an rice...chicken an..... My brother also used to boiled chicken all the time an that man is a perfect 10 in the body department. He could go from cut an lean to bulk muscle in a matter of weeks cause his body was in tune. Course we cut the starch that is for those working out heavier an burning the starch off.

So happy I am staring P3 in the eye. My pork chop is just around the corner. hehehe Gonna make some oopsie rolls today an see how they come out. Want to get them frozen so I will have them ready when I hit P3. Till later, happy losing.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Almost there

On day 23 down 26lbs. I am so happy with myself an what I have accomplished in this time frame. I plan on stopping this round at 30lbs regardless of how many days I have left in the month. It's a personal choice. I am worried about sagging, even though I know the HCG is suppose to take care of that. I just feel I need time to rest my body for the next rounds an take some time toning.

Even with Aunt Flo around I still have managed to keep losing weight. I was down .06 yesterday an I even had white albacore tuna packed in water an a salad. So for me tuna was just fine. Then today I was down by 1.4lbs which evened out my 1lb a day ratio.

I am so looking forward to going on P3 an trying out the oopsie rolls. Being able to have more of a selection of meats an veggies. An honestly I am not all that worried about not being able to have starch or sugar. My cravings for them are well under control. I miss them yes but its not a must have any more an that is one big goal I was hoping to achieve. I am a little scared to go on P3 like most people are but I have faith in myself an I will learn to trust my body an know it's ok to feel empty I don't have to feel full at all times. When I am actually hungry then eat, other wise just go on. Food is fuel not a way to pass time to feed emotions.

I will still have 70lbs to go but the way I look at it, it took me many years to get to this state. If it takes 6mths to lose it then that's a walk in the park an I will get to the other side of the park. Emerge a much happier, healthier an thinner person with the energy to do what ever it is that I want.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now I know

I have been on a roller coaster of a pound lost, nothing ect. for about 4 days now. An then Aunt Flo showed up today. I thought that might be what it was since I had that ole familiar feeling. Though I was still down by 1.2 lbs today. I took a water pill yesterday so I am sure that helped release the extra water I was carrying because of this. I am also taking one today. I know it is not recommended for weight loss an I do agree but like I said before I don't prefer to take a detox bath an I know it's excess water so I'm getting rid of that. Which also helps in the pain I have with Aunt Flo.

I had my first salad with tuna today with Walden Farms Cesar Salad dressing. I got all white tuna in water. After reading the red book they mention tuna yet do not include it in the list of foods. There mention was that in the 50's tuna in water was not available back then as it is now an there have been studies that suggest tuna actually aids in weight loss. So it was use at your own caution thing. I'm a rebal LOL I'll let ya'll know but won't know for sure till Aunt Flo leaves town again.